• Invited expert for Africa, India, South China seas/Europe regional Adaptation and Resilience panel, OASIS-Placentia Ambition Forum. Post Paris UNFCCC COP26 catalyst hosted by government of Berlize.



  • A new member of Green Templeton College family, University of Oxford. I’m conducting research to improve effective pollination and reproductive success in cocoa with Dr. Lander as a supervisor at the Department of Plant Sciences
  • Trustee, Friends of Yamoransa Foundation. Worked with Helping Africa Foundation to inaugurate modern ICT facilities in Mallam, Accra and Betenase, Ashanti Region in Ghana to improve computing education.
  • Delegate, at the Next Einstein Forum in Kigali, Rwanda (yes, second visit). Such an inspiring place to be in Africa.




  • Fall: NIMBios investigative workshop, Tennessee: Morphological plant models: unleashing 
  • Summer: Yale-Wesleyan College research collaboration: Ecophysiology, leaf morphological architecture, and physiology along trap rock ridges, along the Connecticut- Massachusetts river valley.
  • August: ESA conference and ESI initiative, Baltimore


  • Soon: Giving a presentation at the Max Planck Institute of Biogeochemistry, Germany
  • September: CGIAR meeting at Columbia University, New York
  • August: Student assistant for hydrology and aquatic Earth Stewardship Fellows team, Sacramento, California
  • Tropical Resources Initiative fellows presentation at Marsh Hall, Yale F&ES
  • 1st runner up, poster section, Yale FES Masters colloquium at Kroon Hall.


  • Poster presentation at Society of American Foresters, South Carolina


  • Diversity ambassador at SAF meeting at Spokane, Washington
  • Research committee: GRASAG research conference, KNUST, Ghana

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