Selected research projects

  • Heat and Mass transfer in plant-porous materials
  • thermoGreenWalls: green cooling tower R&D, prototype construction
  • Canopy photopigments in red maples
  • Plant morphological modeling: applied geometry and topology
  • Ecophysiological drivers red maple along elevation gradient of trap rock mountains along the Connecticut River Valley
  • Acoustic mechanosensing in sunflower stomates
  • 3-D anatomic image reconstruction in grapevine
  • Optical deterrents of citrus vector: spectroscopy and physiology R&D
  • Photosynthesis, gas exchange and spectral response in wetland macrophytes
  • Organic non-hormone biostimulants: R&D, prototype trials
  • Leaf water relation models
  • Exogenous approaches to improve stress resistance and yield in Savanna cowpea
  • Methane emissions from North Eastern forests
  • High pressure-temperature fluid retention properties in woody monocots



  • Computation: R(most frequently used), Python, ArGIS, gdal, bash
  • Analytical: Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, spectrophotometry, Neutron Activation Analysis, Atomic Absorption Spec, GC-MS, Segmented-Flow analyzer
  • Imaging: 2D/3D Digital Imaging (Real Time Depth composition & surface profiling), 3D micro-CT (image reconstruction with Avizo software), fluorescence microscopy, light microscopy & image analysis with Image J software.
  • Spectroscopy: Multi/Unispectral analysis-pp systems, Integrated sphere (transmission, reflection, absorption spectra) and software suites.
  • Physiology and biomaterials: photosynthesis/gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, plant morphometry&fractal analysis, vascular hydraulics & water relations, chemical and acoustic signaling in stomatal oscillation control (invented technique), analytics and property testing of lignocellulosic materials (TAPPI, BS & EN), Instron strength testing.

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