2015, a year of perspectives

Dear colleagues,
As you already know, people wish others and for themselves many good things at the turn of a new year  most of which never come to realization or perhaps, we even forget by Jan 2:  but I write to congratulate you for having turned ideas in the past to reality and inspiring others.

In my few years “on earth”, I’ve come to realize that anybody who can recognize his/her identity is more than intelligent to achieve whatever he/she aspire for, once they overcome the fear of failure and other people’s contrary perspectives.

In our generation, we teach and motivate ourselves with new philosophies as we learn.

-We are excited to fail, because we know we’ll never had thought of that “plan B”-which changed everything.
-While we respect old wisdom which was as good as times of old,
we must learn that today’s challenges require todays solutions.

We should not fall privy to conservative societal practices adorned by leaders who have lost sight of new ideas: rather, we should embrace creative ideas not for their perfection, but their attempt to make that little step forward. After all, today’s problems wouldn’t exist if old ideas could solve them…

Let us embrace the truth that life is as perfect as it should be when it brings altogether success, failure, fear and uncertainties. -Too good could be as bad as worse depending on the perspective…and this is my perspective.

Acheampong Atta-Boateng

Published by Ache

Education: KNUST, Yale, Oxford Research: Physiological ecology, biophysics, eco-engineering

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